Practical Fishkeeping - Practical Fishkeeping October 2022 (2024)

Practical Fishkeeping - Practical Fishkeeping October 2022 (1)

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I love the more unusual stuff in this hobby, as I’m sure you do, which is why this issue was such a delight to compile. Right off the bat we have the exquisite new Cenepa red pencilfish, reported on by new contributor Mike Tuccinardi — who actually owns some! From there it’s a leap into the high-speed waters of Africa where we meet cyprinids that have evolved for a life of hunting other fish, and if that wasn’t enough weirdness we then segue into a species of freshwater Australian cardinalfish. It’s all about the quirk in this issue.
I also love learning new things, and there are a few snippets that surprised me. Did you know that Lake Tanganyika has its own sardine populations? Or that there’s an Indian barb so territorial that it’s been likened to a cichlid in behaviour? Neither did I when I started reading my submissions, but I’m delighted that I do now!

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Practical Fishkeeping (PFK) magazine is the world’s leading authority on keeping, or aspiring to keep, fish. It caters for the very keenest fishkeepers but also right through to beginners, covering freshwater, tropical, marine and coldwater fishkeeping. It is a comprehensive guide to fish, products, retailers, and techniques to get the most out of fishkeeping.

All our features are written by experts in their fields, ensuring you get the best advice possible on fishkeeping and fish species, as well as creating and maintaining fantastic aquatic environments for them to live in.

Inside you’ll find:

• The latest aquarium equipment reviewed
Tips on how to look after and keep your fish
• Expert guides to global fish species
• Advice on tropical marine tanks
• Advice on freshwater: tropical and cold water tanks
• Expert advice on aquascaping

PFK is published 12 times a year and is Britain's biggest-selling fish-keeping magazine.

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Highly entertaining

Great articles about fishing Revisto 25 de abril de 2022

Great read

Lots of interesting articles with regard to Aquatics at home Revisto 19 de abril de 2022

Highly practical

Very good particularly with focus on crustaceans Revisto 9 de abril de 2022


Practical Fishkeeping

i think the magazine is great i would love to get the print version but i cant see paying double for us delivery. Revisto 4 de março de 2021


Practical Fishkeeping

how come not shipping to the book stores can't buy your mag in the US Revisto 27 de dezembro de 2020

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Welcome I LOVE the more unusual stuff in this hobby, as I’m sure you do, which is why this issue was such a delight to compile. Right off the bat we have the exquisite new Cenepa red pencilfish, reporte... THE CENEPA RED PENCILFISH Where can I buy some? Like every other hobbyist right now, you probably want to snag a few of these. The only imports PFK is aware of at this time belong to Aqualife Leyland who brought in five pairs ... Cyprinids with attitude FACTFILE FACTFILE Ntem tributary, home of Opsaridium ubangiense. • SENEGAL MINNOW Scientific name: Raiamas senegalensis COPPERNOSE BARB Opsaridium flaring in the Tand... Mouth almighty! FACTFILE DID YOU KNOW? Keep it slow! Top tipTop tipDID YOU KNOW?MORE MOUTH ALMIGHTYOther common Australian names for mouth almighty include gobbleguts, fl abby and stinker. In its native range, mouth ... Indian extremes FACTFILE FACTFILE MAHARAJA BARB INDIAN GLASS BARB ALAMY • Scientific name: Waikhomia sahyadriensis • Scientific name: Laubuka laubuca TOM ACKRILL Tom runs the Freshwater Fishkee... THE REALITIES OF WILD DISCUS DID YOU KNOW?The green discus, DID YOU KNOW ?Discus myths and discus facts The species name tarzoo is a portmanteau of Tarpon Zoo, an ornamental fish farm company which owns a collecting station in Le...
Practical Fishkeeping  - Practical Fishkeeping October 2022 (2024)


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