Top 12 BEST Recipes with Kewpie Mayo (2024)


Kewpie mayo is the perfect partner to your favourite home-cooked meals, from Japanese and Korean to a few surprise ideas in between! Here’s our top picks for the BEST Kewpie mayo recipes so you can use up that bottle to the very last squeeze.

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Why We Love Kewpie Mayo

Kewpie mayo is one of our favourite Japanese condiments along with okonomiyaki sauce and creamy sesame goma dare sauce. Similar to regular mayonnaise, but with a depth of flavour and unique tang all of its own!

As a condiment it pairs amazingly well with so many meals, from homemade creations through to your favourite takeaway treats like fish and chips or fried chicken.

As an ingredient it’s perfect to add to homemade sauces and savoury dips as well as slathered in your favourite burgers or potato salad.

Whether you prefer the original or your own homemade Kewpie mayo, you’ll always want to keep a batch in the fridge ready to go when you need it most!

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What is Kewpie Mayo?

Kewpie Mayonnaise is a Japanese-style mayonnaise made with egg yolks instead of whole eggs for extra creamy texture and flavour. It’s seasoned with rice wine vinegar and often contains MSG, giving it a rich umami flavour very different from western-style mayonnaise.

It comes in soft plastic squeeze bottles with a special nozzle to let you create those ultra fine lines of mayo across dishes like okonomiyaki pancakes and takoyaki.

In addition to the original flavour, it also comes in other flavour combinations like sriracha mayo, wasabi mayo and yuzu mayo.

For an MSG and plastic-free Kewpie experience – we highly recommend making your own homemade mayo.

How to Make Kewpie Mayo – Japanese Mayonnaise

The easiest and tastiest homemade Japanese mayonnaise recipe – ready in under a minute. Learn how to make Kewpie mayo at home and never buy store bought again!

Click here for Homemade Kewpie Mayo

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Where can I buy Kewpie?

Kewpie is becoming more widely available over time. Look for it in the Asian aisle of major supermarkets, from Asian groceries or import stores, or buy it online if you can’t find it locally.

Are Kewpie mayo bottles recyclable?

Unfortunately no, store-bought Kewpie mayo bottles aren’t recyclable and must go to landfill, which is why we now prefer to make our own Kewpie-style mayo at home.

Can I make it without dashi?

Yes you can, it won’t have quite the same flavour but will still be delicious homemade mayonnaise!

Can it be left out?

Whether homemade or store-bought, Kewpie mayo should always be stored in the fridge to maximise its shelf life. Store-bought Kewpie can last for 10-12 months before opening, then should be used up within one month. Homemade Kewpie is made without preservatives, so will last around 2 weeks in the fridge if stored in an airtight container.

How else can I use it?

Use it anytime you would reach for a bottle of regular mayonnaise! It pairs perfectly with goma dare in a homemade coleslaw dressing or creamy sesame dressing, drizzled over a chicken salad, tucked inside sushi hand rolls or slathered on top of a sushi bowl.

Kewpie Mayo Recipes for Dipping Sauces & Dressings

Goma Dare – Japanese Sesame Sauce

A creamy, nutty, Japanese sesame sauce known as Goma Dare. It's perfect for dipping pork and veggies in shabu shabu hot pot, drizzling over crisp salads or freshly cooked noodles.

Goma Dare – Japanese Sesame Sauce

The Ultimate Sriracha Mayo

Turn up the heat with the ultimate homemade sriracha mayo recipe! This incredible creamy hot sauce is ready in minutes, perfect for dunking crispy fried chicken or slathering over burgers, veggies or rice bowls.

The Ultimate Sriracha Mayo

Quick Gochujang Mayonnaise Dipping Sauce

A tasty spicy dipping sauce you can whip up in 2 minutes flat. Just 4 ingredients and you'll be ready to dip just about anything in this quick gochujang mayonnaise!

Quick Gochujang Mayonnaise Dipping Sauce

Quick and Creamy Sriracha Aioli Sauce

This easyhomemade sriracha aioli is ready to amp up yourfavourite chicken, fish and burger recipes. With just four simple ingredients, get ready to dipinto this super simple homemade sauce in less than a minute!

Quick and Creamy Sriracha Aioli Sauce

Sarah’s Creamy Sesame Dressing

Grab your hot chips, burgers or sushi bowls – it’s time to slather them in Sarah’s Creamy Sesame Dressing. Whipped up in a minute, this versatile Japanese sauce is SO necessary with your next meal!

Sarah’s Creamy Sesame Dressing

Quick Coleslaw with Japanese Style Creamy Salad Dressing

Your new go-to recipe when you need an awesome salad on the table – FAST! Our quick coleslaw is tossed together with a bright and creamy Japanese style salad dressing you’ll be using again and again.

Quick Coleslaw with Japanese Style Creamy Salad Dressing

The BEST Recipes to pair with Japanese Mayo

Easy Okonomiyaki Recipe – Japanese Savoury Pancakes

Okonomiyaki are Japanese savoury pancakes packed with flavour and SO easy to make! Ready in less than 30 minutes, these 'as you like it' pancakes are sure to be the new family favourite.

Easy Okonomiyaki Recipe – Japanese Savoury Pancakes

A quick and easy takoyaki recipe you can cook in minutes with just one chopstick. Make at home using five secret topping combinations. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and packed full of flavour.

Japanese Chicken Nanban with Tartar Sauce

Fried chicken in a light egg batter cooked to perfection in a sweet and sour sauce, Japanese Chicken Nanban is a dinner you’ll want on rotation. Topped with homemade tartar sauce for the most delectable combination!

Japanese Chicken Nanban with Tartar Sauce

Spinach Cob Loaf is a classic Aussie party dip and such an entertainer's delight. You'll need just 6 easy ingredients, and your friends will be begging for the recipe!

Vietnamese Pizza (Bánh Tráng Nướng)

Vietnamese Pizza (known as Bánh Tráng Nướng) is essentially grilled rice paper used as a pizza base. This super popular Vietnamese street food snack is easily cooked at home with any toppings you have on hand. We love cooking this crispy rice paper pizza topped with egg, spring onion, cheese, and canned meat (especially TUNA – yum!) finished with mayonnaise and sriracha.

Vietnamese Pizza (Bánh Tráng Nướng)

Creamy Japanese Potato Salad

Try this easy Japanese potato salad recipe with crispy bacon and kewpie mayonnaise! It's bright, colourful, full of flavour and guaranteed to disappear fast. Perfect as a side for BBQs or add to a homemade bento lunchbox!

Creamy Japanese Potato Salad

The Best Japanese Style Burgers

Sink your teeth into these homemadeJapanese Style Burgers, guaranteed to satisfy. Angus beef mince and umami flavours get together in this crispy, succulent burger packed fullof fusion-flavours. Oh, and don't forget the winning combination of Kewpie mayonnaise and Japanese BBQ sauce.

The Best Japanese Style Burgers

Temaki Sushi – Easy Hand Roll Sushi

Temaki sushi is the EASIEST way to make hand roll sushi at home, no bamboo mat or rolling skills required. All you need is sushi rice, seaweed wrappers and your favourite fillings, and you'll be ready to enjoy a sushi party in no time!

Temaki Sushi – Easy Hand Roll Sushi

Quick Teriyaki Tofu Sushi Bowls

Sushi bowls are the ultimate meal after a busy day – healthy, flavour-packed and FAST to bring together. Try them with teriyaki tofu, teriyaki chicken, or simple tuna and mayo, and use pre-cooked sushi rice for even faster prep!

Quick Teriyaki Tofu Sushi Bowls

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Top 12 BEST Recipes with Kewpie Mayo (2024)


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